Tracey E. Vitchers is a non-profit executive, Democratic political advisor, and nationally recognized expert on sexual violence prevention and survivor advocacy.

Throughout her decade-long career, Tracey has raised more than $11 million for social justice causes and Democratic political candidates.

Tracey currently serves as the Executive Director of It’s On Us, a nonprofit founded in 2014 as an initiative of the Obama-Biden Administration to combat campus sexual assault through peer-to-peer prevention education programs and activating the largest student organizing program of its kind. It’s On Us is the only national sexual assault prevention nonprofit in the United States to combine grassroots organizing and prevention education with large-scale culture change campaigns through partnerships with creative agencies, influencers, PR and communications firms, and media. Tracey joined It’s On Us following its transition out of the White House to Civic Nation. 

Over the last decade, Tracey has worked shoulder to shoulder with multiple pro-survivor legislators to draft and pass legislation at the state and federal levels that would prevent sexual assault and support survivors when violence happens. She also advises companies such as Lyft, Uber, Tinder, and others on their safety practices and policies to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

From April 2014 to October 2017 Tracey served the Chief Development Officer for Callisto, a nonprofit that creates technology to combat sexual assault, empower survivors, and advance justice.

She is a member the Board of Directors for the national campus sexual assault survivor advocacy and prevention organization End Rape On Campus. Additionally, Tracey is a member of the Advisory Board of Culture Of Respect, which strengthens schools by providing them with a framework to assess and improve efforts to eliminate rape and sexual assault from their campuses.

In addition to advising on local, state, federal, and presidential campaigns, Tracey previously served as the Pike County Representative to the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee. Tracey is also the secretary of the board of her local Indivisible group Delaware Valley Action!

Tracey previously served on the Governing Board of her local sexual assault and domestic violence survivor services organization Safe Haven of Pike County, as Chair of the Board and Communications Coordinator for SAFER, and as website coordinator for Know Your IX.

Tracey was named 2014 Women’s Media Center Progressive Women’s Voices Fellow in September 2014.

In May 2011 Tracey founded the national youth service-learning program The 9/12 Generation Project and acted as Director until the fall of 2013. During that time she also served as a fundraising consultant for a variety of non-profit organizations.

Tracey holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Women’s Studies and English from Williams College and a Masters of the Arts in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics from Universiteit Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Tracey and her work have been featured on CNN, CSPAN, Cosmopolitan, MSNBC, Forbes, and numerous other media outlets.